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Annual Amphibian Crossing

Hard though it is to believe with the piles of snow around us, it is time to plan for the annual spring migration of frogs, toads, and the very occasional salamander across Hollow Road near Horseshoe Trail.  Hollow Road will be closed one or two evenings this late winter or early spring to protect the amphibians and the volunteers during the migration. As always, we don't know for sure which day it will happen, but to find out, contact the Township. If you are interested in volunteering, contact .  

Trail Blazers Needed

With the West Vincent Township Trail Plan taking shape, it is our hope to have at least part of the township network mapped and available on the website by spring. But, you ask, how are we to find those trails? By blazing them with a logo created by you!

The township will host a Trail Blazing Logo Contest in conjunction with Community Day 2015. Please submit your designs to Tammy Swavely in the Township office, 729 St. Matthews Road, Chester Springs, by April 15 to give our panel of judges time to pick a winner by May 9. The Horse-Shoe Trail uses bright yellow paint to mark their route, so our logo must be distinctively different. The prize winner will also receive a $100 gift card to the Walking Store in King of Prussia.

Creativity counts! Designs should be no larger than 6" in height and 3" in width and should convey the spirit of our rural township.

Once we have our design, it will be presented to the Board of Supervisors for approval.  Then we will need volunteers to blaze the trails and help maintain them. We're looking forward to this exciting new chapter in our history of trail protection in West Vincent.

How to Guard Against Utility Imposters

You hear about it all too often in the news: An unsuspecting homeowner victimized by thieves posing as utility company workers to gain entry and rob the house. You can prevent utility imposters from targeting you by taking precautions to protect yourself.

Individuals claiming to represent the "water company" or another utility will approach the resident and use a variety of excuses to enter the home. For example, they are supposedly investigating a "dirty water" complaint by a neighbor or checking water pressure due to a main break nearby. Once inside the home, the imposters typically divert the resident's attention by sending him/her to the basement or kitchen to run a faucet while they or an accomplice robs another area of the home.

First, it is extremely rare for water company personnel to show up at a customer's home without an appointment. However, if a utility worker comes to your door and you are not expecting them, DO NOT let them inside without proper identification. All Pennsylvania American Water service personnel wear uniforms, drive company-branded vehicles and wear photo ID badges with the company's logo. (IMPORTANT: Company employees will never ask for nor accept payment at a customer's home or business.)

Don't be afraid to ask for photo ID, and take the time to examine the ID badge whenever someone from a utility company arrives at your home. If you are still unsure and have any suspicions about the individual's identity, call 9-1-1 immediately. Also, you can contact Pennsylvania American Water's customer service center (800-565-7292) to check if the service visit is legitimate.

Please share this advice with family and friends, particularly seniors who often fall prey to these thieves.
Pennsylvania American Water is committed to safety for its customers and employees. Be vigilant, and don't get fooled by utility imposters!