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Kids Trout Rodeo


Thank you to all who participated in this year's Trout Rodeo on May 16!  


A special Thanks to Our Generous Sponsors and Volunteers:


 Amoroso’s Bakery

Coventryville Trout Club

Dave Hoffman’s Auto Repair

Farmer’s Daughter Market

Frito Lay

Gordon’s Sport Supply

Ludwig’s Corner Supply

Ludwig’s Grill & Oyster Bar

Patriot GMC

Pennhurst Asylum

Spring Hollow Golf

Stony Creek Anglers

Tri-County Toyota



East Vincent Police Officers Assoc.

West Vincent Police Officers Assoc.




2015 Photo Gallery



Mike Skurecki of the PA Fish and Boat Commission volunteered his time to come out and talk to the kids

and parents about safe and proper fishing techniques.  Thanks, Mike!












Officer Butler Congratulates the Trophy Winners

Kameron Heck

Ages 11-14

1st Place (21 inches and 4.32 lbs)



Chris Czarnecki

Ages 8-10

2nd Place (20 3/4 inches, 3.32 lbs) 



Caroline Hendrickson

Ages 5-7

3rd Place (21 inches, 4.78 lbs)



Bowen Pickell

Ages 5-7

1st Place (22 inches, 4.49 lbs)




Aaliyah Watkins

Ages 8-10

3rd Place (16 1/2 inches, 1.82 lbs)



Robyn Demeter

Ages 8-10

1st Place (20 3/4 inches, 4.75 lbs)



Quinn Shope

Ages 5-7

2nd Place (21 1/4 inches, 4.45 lbs) 


Maddie Hill

Ages 11-14

3rd Place (20 inches, 3.52 lbs)


Harrison Williams (no photo available)

Ages 11-14

2nd Place (21 inches, 4.27 lbs) 


**Girls medium gray sweatshirt was left at the registration table - please call West Vincent Twp Police at 610-458-3205 if it belongs to you!






How to Guard Against Utility Imposters

You hear about it all too often in the news: An unsuspecting homeowner victimized by thieves posing as utility company workers to gain entry and rob the house. You can prevent utility imposters from targeting you by taking precautions to protect yourself.

Individuals claiming to represent the "water company" or another utility will approach the resident and use a variety of excuses to enter the home. For example, they are supposedly investigating a "dirty water" complaint by a neighbor or checking water pressure due to a main break nearby. Once inside the home, the imposters typically divert the resident's attention by sending him/her to the basement or kitchen to run a faucet while they or an accomplice robs another area of the home.

First, it is extremely rare for water company personnel to show up at a customer's home without an appointment. However, if a utility worker comes to your door and you are not expecting them, DO NOT let them inside without proper identification. All Pennsylvania American Water service personnel wear uniforms, drive company-branded vehicles and wear photo ID badges with the company's logo. (IMPORTANT: Company employees will never ask for nor accept payment at a customer's home or business.)

Don't be afraid to ask for photo ID, and take the time to examine the ID badge whenever someone from a utility company arrives at your home. If you are still unsure and have any suspicions about the individual's identity, call 9-1-1 immediately. Also, you can contact Pennsylvania American Water's customer service center (800-565-7292) to check if the service visit is legitimate.

Please share this advice with family and friends, particularly seniors who often fall prey to these thieves.
Pennsylvania American Water is committed to safety for its customers and employees. Be vigilant, and don't get fooled by utility imposters!

Trash Task Force Report

The Trash Task Force report and recommendations can be found by clicking on the link below. The Task Force identified a series of options for dealing with trash collection and recycling in the Township. The Task Force selected one option as its preferred option. It is recommending that the Board of Supervisors consider developing a program which will identify and contract with a preferred hauler. Residents will be encouraged, but not required, to use that preferred hauler. It is anticipated that rates will decrease for trash pickup as more residents sign up to use the preferred hauler. All haulers providing trash pickup to Township residents will be required to provide recycling services to their customers as a requirement by state law. This is a recommendation by the Task Force only. The Board of Supervisors thanks the Task Force for its work and will consider the report, all of the options and the recommendation before taking further action. Trash Task Force Report