Curfew Ordinance — #107 Part 1

  • Ordinance 107 Part 1 makes it unlawful for anyone under the age of eighteen years to remain in or upon any street, highway, alley, park, shopping center or other public place in the Township unless accompanied by a parent or guardian between the hours of 11:00 pm and 05:30 am.
  • Unlawful for parents to permit underage person to remain on a street, highway, alley, park, shopping center or other public place during the times listed above.
  • Up to $1000.00 fine for violating Ordinance #107 Part 1.

Disturbing the Peace Ordinance — #107 Part 2

  • Ordinance #107 Part 2 makes it unlawful to cause a disturbance of the peace by causing any act, danger, discomfort or unreasonable annoyance.
  • Unlawful to engage in loafing, quarreling, fighting, noises, profanity, urinating or indecent language or acts.
  • Unlawful to operate any type of vehicle in a reckless or careless manner endangering the safety of others.
  • Up to $1000.00 fine for violating Ordinance #107 Part 2.

White Tail Deer Regulated Archery Hunting Program

Littering Ordinance — #107 Part 4

  • Ordinance #107 Part 4 makes it unlawful to deposit any waste paper, sweeping, ashes, household waste, glass, metal, refuse or rubbish, or any dangerous detrimental substance onto any Township roadway.
  • Up to $1000.00 fine for violating Ordinance #107 Part 4.

Public Parks Ordinance — #108

  • Includes all playgrounds, recreation areas, sport fields, and other public recreation areas.
  • Unlawful to light fire in above areas except in fireplaces or areas specially designated for that purpose.
  • Unlawful to dump garbage, pollute streams and ponds, or damage trees or plants.
  • Unlawful to possess a firearm or fireworks in a park.
  • Parks are closed from sunset to sunrise.
  • Recreational vehicles are not permitted parks.
  • Unlawful to allow pets to run at large or out of control.
  • Recreational vehicles are not permitted in parks.
  • Unlawful to consume or possess alcoholic beverages while in park.
  • Up to $600.00 fine for violating Ordinance #108.

Snow and Ice Emergencies Ordinance — #109

  • Ordinance #109 makes it unlawful for anyone to park a motor vehicle or allow a vehicle to remain parked on any road, street, or sidewalk after a snow emergency has been declared by Township Officials.
  • Police Officers are authorized to remove and impound any vehicle parked on any road, street or sidewalk during any snow emergency.
  • Up to $250.00 fine for violating Ordinance #109.

Soliciting Ordinance — #107 Part 3

  • License required to solicit in West Vincent Township.
  • License must be carried by solicitor at all times.
  • See actual ordinance for license exemptions.
  • Up to $1000.00 fine for violating Ordinance #107 Part 3.

WVT Parking Ordinance — #126

  • Ordinance 26 makes it unlawful for motorists to stop, stand and park their vehicle on any road in West Vincent Township as follows:
    • Against the flow of traffic.
    • Double-parked.
    • Blocking a street.
    • Leaving or letting stand an abandoned or disabled vehicle.
    • Blocking a driveway, crosswalk or sidewalk.
    • Stopping, standing or parking on Route 401 and Route 100 where signs prohibit parking or stopping or standing.
    • In a marked or posted fire lane.
    • In a handicapped zone.
    • Within fifteen (15) feet of a fire hydrant.
    • Restricting/blocking a means of egress.
    • Where signs prohibit stopping, standing or parking.
    • Obstructing a fire department connection.
    • Where prohibited by the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code.
  • In addition it is unlawful to leave a vehicle standing or parked on any Township roadway after an emergency is declared by Township Officials or when the owner or owners of said vehicle have been given written or verbal notice by any police officer of West Vincent Township Police Department that the vehicle is creating a hazard to traffic movement or is an impediment to the safe movement of traffic during a snow or other activity.
  • Any police officer of the West Vincent Township Police Department is authorized to issue a parking ticket in the sum of $25.00 to anyone in violation of Ordinance #26. Any person accused of a violation of this Ordinance may settle with West Vincent Township with eight (8) days. Failure to pay penalty in timely manner will initiate enforcement proceedings before a district justice in the same manner as is provided for the enforcement of summary offenses under the Pennsylvania Rules of Criminal Procedure.