Vital Information

This section has articles and news which has been published in the West Vincent Township newsletters; from time to time other articles of interest may also be included. Click on the topic below to view the entire article.

Please call or write if there are topics you’d like to have us address or if you have questions or concerns where we may assist you. For more information, feel free to call us or stop in. Remember, we’re here to help.

Storm Warning!

  • When the storms come, slow down. You can’t always see the slippery patches until it is too late to avoid them and your vehicle may not respond as you expect it to. Driving slowly on bad roads helps you maintain control.
  • You may be driving an SUV or other vehicle with good road clearance and traction, but those features do not necessarily aid you when braking. Remember to allow for a greater stopping distance when driving on ice and snow.
  • Ice storms and heavy snows and winds can cause downed power lines. Please report them; stay away from them, and DON’T try to move them.
  • From time to time the police may set up a barricade to protect drivers from a bad stretch of road, or other hazard like high water, a fallen tree, or a damaged bridge. Please don’t drive around or move the barriers or signs; they will be removed as soon as the hazard has been eliminated.

And, please, if you see a hazard or an accident, report it to us so we can respond to try to keep the roads safe for everyone.

False Alarm!

Be sure your children, guests, and service providers know how to properly set and cancel or reset your home alarm system if they inadvertently trip it. Some alarm systems silently and automatically trigger a 911 call. When our officers respond, they occasionally find an authorized person (child, painter, etc.) who had not had the necessary codes to enter the home without causing the 911 call.

By the way, all security systems should be registered with the Township. The Alarm Registration form is available under the Useful Forms link of this website. If you have a new security system or have made changes to your system, alarm company, or emergency contact list, please complete the form and send it to us as soon as possible.

Identity Theft!

Your Police Department has been gathering information and resources to help you avoid, and if necessary respond to, theft of your personal or credit information. We have published much of the information on our website; see the Household Protection link. In the meantime, feel free to call if you have any questions.

If you suspect that an unauthorized person is using your identity or credit information, please report it to us as soon as you can. An important step in catching the person and protecting you from further financial liability is to file a report with your local police. We can help.

Help us find you!

Please have your street address clearly marked on your property for Emergency Responders and Police. Many residents have already purchased green reflective marker signs from Ludwigs Corner Fire Company. The cost is only $15.00 and it could save a life–possibly yours.

The order form can be located on the Useful Forms link of this site or by contacting Ludwigs Corner Fire Company.

Snow Ordinance!

The Township has an ordinance governing snow removal in the Township. The Township is responsible for those roads in the Township which have been dedicated to the Township. PennDOT is responsible for State roads.

The ordinance prohibits parking on Township roads during snow storms. This allows the Township and its contractors to properly plow and salt roads. If vehicles are parked on the roads, they are subject to towing and imposition of fines. In addition residents are required to clean sidewalks on their property within 24 hours of the end of a snow event.

The ordinance changes do not require the Township to declare a snow emergency to prohibit parking. They also address the fact that newer developments have sidewalks and alleys which are the responsibility of residents or homeowners associations.

Be Safe—Share the Road!

You may have noticed that our township roads are getting busy—with a variety of users and uses. Here in West Vincent we use the roads for transit and recreation. Whether you drive the family car or a commercial vehicle, move farm equipment from field to field, walk your dog, ride your bike, enjoy nature from atop your horse, walk with family and friends, or run alone, we want you to be safe as you do it.

Here are some things you can do to help keep our West Vincent roads safe for everyone. The first rule is Share the Road! This means anticipate that others will be using the roads, too.

What you can do:


  • Plan time for your trip; you may need extra time to wait for a school bus, farm equipment, or slower traffic on the road.
  • Watch for deer crossing the road—they are more active at dawn and dusk, and during hunting season.
  • On narrow roads, learn the best places to allow on-coming traffic to pass.
  • Near horses, slow down and pass carefully. Give horse and rider plenty of room. Don’t sound your horn or take other actions that might startle the horse.
  • Stay alert. Keep your eyes and mind on the road. (Minimize the distractions inside your car.)


  • Walk facing traffic.
  • Look ahead and plan how and where to safely step off the road.
  • Keep your children close to you, and your dog on a leash.
  • At night wear reflective clothing and carry a flashlight.


  • Obey the vehicular traffic laws; for example, signal before turning and come to a complete stop at Stop signs.  To view the Pennsylvania Bicycle Laws, please click here.
  • Travel single file when biking with others.

All of the uses mentioned above are appropriate uses of our roads.

Be courteous and share the road.

For more tips like these, stop by the Police office at the Township building, or call the Chief at 610-458-3205.