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Clean Energy Transition Team

Tom Bonner 
Ann Dyer 
Vicki Laubach 
Kathy McDevitt 
Ashley Miscevich

Kirk Reinbold 
Dave Weber 

Board of Supervisors Liaison: Sara Shick

Contact: Questions, comments or to become part of an event or any project, contact

The West Vincent Clean Energy Transition Team (WVCETT) was formed (Resolution 12-2020) to create and enact a plan to evaluate current municipal and community energy use and create a roadmap (the Clean Energy Transition Plan) for the transition.  

The plan is evolving and continues to be revised based on advances in renewable energy technologies, progress, priorities, and regional changes.


The CETT collaborates with township residents, WV township staff and committees, and other municipal teams and organizations to encourage and assist with energy conservation and transition consistent with the Chester County’s Climate Action Plan and the Phoenixville Regional Planning Commission (PRPC) comprehensive plan.


The team maintains open communication with residents and local businesses, providing avenues for community involvement and informed decision-making.


Please send questions and comments regarding the team and transition effort to

Resolution 12-2020 Supporting 100% Renewable Energy Future by 2050

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CETT Clean Energy Survey

Are you concerned about climate change, air pollution, high energy costs?  


There are many ways for residents, business owners and institutions to address these issues and the West Vincent Clean Energy Transition Team (CETT) is here to help.  


As a resident, you also can help us move West Vincent toward a clean energy future by completing our short survey for residents and businesses.   

Please take a minute to share clean energy improvements you have incorporated in your home or business. 

CETT Resident and Business Survey

Discounted PECO Home Energy Assessments Exclusively for WVT Residents!

Fall is the perfect time to prep your home for colder weather. A Home Energy Assessment is an effective and simple way to boost your year-round comfort and lower your energy costs by up to 20 percent. Energy assessments are offered through PECO at a cost of $49 and include LED bulb replacements, smart power strips and a detailed report of the findings, where applicable.

Take part of our township’s clean energy initiative, save money, and ensure your home is energy efficient by scheduling a PECO Energy Assessment today.

For a limited time, West Vincent Township residents will receive an exclusive $10 discount on standard assessments when using promo code WVCEF. A $150 value for only $39!

For more information and to schedule your assessment, visit: or call 888-573-2672 before September 1, 2023. This offer is good through the end of the year (expires September 1, 2023).   Please use promo code WVCEF (West Vincent Clean Energy Future) at check-out or when speaking to a representative in order to receive the discount. 


An additional bonus!

The first 20 residents who call or use on-line scheduling before 09/01/2023 to make an assessment appointment using the promo code WVCEF will qualify to have the $39 reimbursed by the township! 

To receive the reimbursement from West Vincent Township, please submit the following items to a copy of your receipt and energy assessment report and a comment by you, noting the type(s) of changes you are considering implementing based on your report findings.

The Township will reimburse you for the $39 and the Clean Energy Transition Team will be developing seminars and workshops based on our resident feedback.  All submissions for reimbursement must be received by the township no later than December 31, 2023.

"The PECO Home Energy Assessment representative walked through my entire home and gave me tips on how to weatherize properly. He identified windows that needed better sealing, some spaces in my attic that may cause drafts/loss of heat and energy and recommended some easy inexpensive fixes I could do myself..."

Steve Austin

"...They replaced 35 expensive incandescent bulbs ($400) with more energy efficient LEDs for FREE! I received a comprehensive report and recommendations. It was easy to schedule and well worth the time spent with the friendly representative."

Steve Austin

" The inspection was very thorough. The inspector used an infrared tool to detect a seam of the top floor ceiling that was not insulated in the attic It was an easy fix. They also certified that our roof photovoltaic panels were in working order. I recommend the inspection to anyone serious about saving power and reducing their expensive heating and cooling costs."

John Barnett

PECO Home Energy Assessments
Energy Saving Tips

Latest Local Events and Updates

Current Local Events: 

Prior Local Events: 

Clean Energy 101 Discussion - on-line and in-person - Northern Chester County Clean Energy Future

RSVP for the Clean Energy 101 at the Hankin Library Annex - Tuesday, June 20 at 6:00 p.m.

Pennsylvania Solar Center

Watts and Learn: Webinar Series


Solar Made Easy for Communities:
SolarAPP, SolSmart & GET Solar Communities

Friday, July 22, 2022

12:00 p.m. – 1:15 p.m.


Chester County Planning Commission news -- the Chester County Climate Action Plan adopted by County Commissioners on October 7, 2021. The plan identifies the County's objectives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase energy efficiency and the role of local government in the process.

Vision Partnership Plan Grant Award - April 2021

Local Events
National and International Energy News
Clean Energy Discussion 101 Information
Community Day Pamphlets
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