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For each section, click on a picture for a full explanation and/or link to help you learn about and understand the importance of each component of a healthy yard.

WVT EAC Healthy Yard Program

The Healthy Yard Program is a new program create by the WVT EAC to recognize and promote our WVT resdients who have created beautiful, colorful gardens using native plants, trees, and shrubs, which help protect our ecosystem and support the biodiversity of the township

Please complete the questionnaire below. Based on your responses, we will send you a WVT Healthy Backyard sign to recognize your commitment to protecting and maintaining the biodiversity of our township. 

If you forget to complete a question or required field, your form will not be submitted, and you will be navigated to the top of the form with all missed questions/fields highlighted in RED. 

FOOD - Food source is a critical component of wildlife habitat. Nature as well as man-made feeders provide a variety of food sources to support wildlife's various lifecycle stages. Does your yard provide at least three (3) food sources?
WATER - Does your yard provide at least one (1) water source? (check all that apply)
SHELTER - Does your yard provide at least two (2) sources of cover? (check all that apply)
NESTING - Does your yard have at least one (1) place where wildlife can raise their young? (check all that apply)
SUSTAINABILITY - Do you employ at least three (3) practices from the sustainable yard categories? (check all that apply)

Thank you for completing our questionnaire!


[this is an example of the description being reflected under picture when you click on the picture as well as resident under the picture] - Nectar attracts pollinators and provides needed energy

Pollen provides protein and other nutrients and a vital link to reproductive cycle

Nuts provide much needed

Seeds are relied upon in late summer and fall to birds and small mammals

Describe your image

Berries are an important food source for winter birds such as x.x.x.


bird bath - [this is an example of a pic with an imbedded link AND a description under the pic]- bird baths are an easy way to provide water for birds to cleanse their bodies and nourish their insides, etc. etc. Click on the picture for a link to additional education.

rain garden - [this is an example of a pic is a static picture with no link and just a description under the pic.] rain gardens are not only aethetically pleasing but provide nutrients to the soil and wildlife. .....

container water garden

diy butterfly muddling area

natural water source

water dish


dense vegetation


toad abode

rock pile or wal

roosting barn

brush or log pile



wooded area, meadow


planting native plants

reduce or eliminate fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides (this can be a link to additional educations information)

electric yard or manual yard tools and equipment (can be a link to additional educational information)

leave the leaves

soil and water conservation (limit water use, compost, mulch, reduce pavements, install rain garden)

reduce light pollution (this can link to additional educational information)

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