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2022 Road Program and Park Improvement Updates

Updated: Jun 8, 2022


St. Matthews Road: PennDOT

The township’s Department of Public Works recently met with representatives from PennDOT. PennDOT is experiencing a significant manpower problem with over a 40% vacancy rate for departmental employees. PennDOT will begin retaining contractors to assist them in meeting their responsibilities to repair our township roads.

PennDOT has committed to begin base repairs along all of St. Matthews Road.

Next year, PennDOT will overlay the entire length of St. Matthews Road with three inches (3”) of base materials, if sufficient fund is available. This will provide a strong roadbed for a future overlay project. If sufficient funding is not available, PennDOT will tar and chip the entire length of St. Matthews Road.

Kimberton Road - Storm Damage

The contractor’s supplier for the concrete piping and other structures stated that delivery would be within the next 12-16 weeks, which significantly impacts the paving-portion of the project.

If the delivery of the needed material remains to be until late summer/early fall, the Township will request the paving contractor to complete paving work on Hilltop Lane, Shady Lane, and Sheeder Mill Road. At a minimum, the work on these roads will be completed this year.

Kimberton Bridge

As depicted in the photos below, the work to repair and restore the bridge is progressing nicely.

Weatherstone Development - Road Paving

A memo was sent to the Weatherstone HOA in late May to notify all development residents that the contractor will begin paving the streets around June 20. A confirmation notice and schedule will be sent to the Weatherstone HOA once dates are defined.

Fellowship Road Culvert

The Board of Supervisors will award the contract for this work at the June 20, 2022, Board of Supervisors meeting.


Opalanie Park

The contractor has removed the erosion packs along the construction area, which is the final step for the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit to be closed out. Once the permit is closed, the construction project will be completed.

The Chester County Commissioners announced the award of a $250,000 grant to the township to support the improvements at the park. This grant, coupled with the $250,000 DCNR grant, brings the total to $500,000 in grant funding for the park improvements.

The township and planners are developing the park improvements plans and will present those to the Board of Supervisors over the summer.

This grant award is part of the $3.2 million in open space preservation and park improvement grants awarded to townships in Chester County. Read the full news release on the Chester County Commissioners website.

Fellowship Trail

The township and the property owners have been working to finalize the actual trail location. Once the location has been agreed upon by all parties, the final design can begin. It is anticipated the construction will occur early next spring.

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