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ADDENDUM - Weatherstone Development - Street Paving Schedule - Tuesday, June 14

ADDENDUM: (June 11, 9:26 a.m.)

  • Milling of streets that require work (milling high spots, start/stop joints, pavement markings, and some other spots) will take place on Tuesday, June 14. The contractor needs ALL cars off ALL streets in order to determine milling needs. No on-street parking between 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. If your car is in the street, if will be towed. Please follow posted traffic signs.

  • Residents can drive on a milled street as soon as the contractor is done with their street. Residents will only be inconvenienced when the paver and roller are at their driveway (approx 10 minutes).

  • The "doorknob notification" (placed in your mailboxes on Friday 6/10) will have the most accurate PAVING date information. Please read the the doorknob notification and follow posted traffic signs on date of paving.

  • Streets (and parts of streets) that are being paved will have 'no parking' signs posted. Please follow posted traffic signs.

  • Streets can be driven as soon as the street is rolled (paved).

Questions regarding your specific street should be directed to AMS, as noted on the doorknob notification (see pic). If you did not receive a doorknob notification, please contact AMS directly.


Notice - Weatherstone Development - Street Paving Schedule

Start date: Tuesday, June 14

We have just been notified today that the start date of paving will begin on Tuesday, June 14.

We have been informed that doorknob notification will be placed tomorrow, Friday, June 10.

Below please find the paving of Weatherstone Development roads, weather permitting.

Cars must be off the road by 6:00 a.m. (preferably the night before).

Cars will be towed if not removed from the streets noted below on June 14 AND on the day of paving.

If the dates change because of bad weather, we will send another notice to the HOA with a new schedule.

Tuesday, June 14 – milling of streets

Wednesday, June 15

Linden Avenue

Fairmont Drive - (Cul-de-sac to Windgate)

Windgate Drive - (Westover to Fairmont)

Sundance Drive - (Windgate to Pinehurst)

Thursday, June 16

Sundance Drive - (Fairmont to Pinehurst)

Rosewood Drive

N. Pinehurst Drive - (Fairmont to Fairmont)

Plum Lane

Juniper Avenue

Friday, June 17

S. Pinehurst Drive

Fairmont Drive – (Cul-de-sac to Windgate)

Monday, June 20

Lexington Boulevard

Windgate Drive - (Fairmont to Lexington)

Please also ensure your mailbox is properly placed according to the USPS guidelines as shown.

Neither the Township nor the paving contractor is responsible for any damage to mailboxes that do not adhere to the placement requirements below.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation, Mike Hogga and team!

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