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Amphibian Migration Alert!

01/31/2023 – Carys Egan, Environmental Advisory Council

As Winter winds down and temperatures begin to warm, something special happens in West Vincent Township. The frogs, toads, and salamanders hibernating in shallow burrows begin to emerge. On dark, rainy nights when the temperature is above 40 degrees, amphibians begin a mass migration to their wetland mating grounds.

Typically, this migration happens in late February or March; and they often must cross our township roads and risk being squashed by cars to reach their vernal pools. One location that is particularly active is Hollow Road which parallels the Birch Run.

To offer protection to some of our smallest residents, Hollow Road will occasionally be closed at nightfall for a few hours with the help of the WVT Police Department and community members who would like to witness and support this migration. It can be a tricky event to predict and requires flexibility and special fortitude. Amphibians prefer dark, stormy nights to make their move - conditions most people prefer to avoid. If conditions are too windy or if there's lightning, the patrol will be canceled.