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Three Areas Where You Can Help Your Permit Application Process Run Smoothly

- 06/30/2023 - T. Franey, Zoning Officer

Questions about permit applications and the status of permits are the most frequent inquiries received at the Township. The following can help you accurately complete, submit, and help us help you through a smooth building or upgrading process:

Information: Here is one area where more is better than less. A permit application cannot be reviewed within the designated time periods (15 business days for residential/30 business days for commercial) if the application doesn’t contain the following information:

  • all relevant portions of the application completed accurately and in full,

  • applicable plans/sketches are provided with the application (Building permits require a plot plan, detailed floor plans, and wall sections. Plumbing permits require a riser diagram.), and

  • fees are paid when due. Zoning permit fees are to be submitted with your application. Building permit fees are determined after you submit your application and are due when you pick up your building permit. The Permit Coordinator will contact you regarding your confirmed building permit fees. Fees can be paid by cash or check. Note: all failed inspections will incur a $100 fee for reinspection

Communication: Complete contact information is a key component to our relationship. We ask that you provide:

  • an accurate phone number and email address for you and for all your contractors. If your contractor does not have or use email, please place your email on the application.

We are required by law to communicate permit denials and requested corrections in writing. If we do not have an accurate email address for you and must depend on sending via regular mail, it will take significantly longer for you to receive your permit.

Time: The review period cannot begin until the completed application and requested information has been provided.

  • Residential Building Permits and Zoning Permits: Once the application is submitted and deemed to be complete (completed application, sketch with dimensions and labels, and fees paid), the review and determination period of 15 business days* begins as of the next business day. If missing or new information is needed from you or if your application is denied, a new 15 business day review and determination period begins once the requested information is received. *Demolition of historic resources requires an extended period

  • Commercial Building Permits: Commercial building permits follow the same review and approval process requirements, but since the scope of work is more complex, the review and determination period is 30 business days.

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