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On the Road to a Clean Energy Future - Join Us and Take Our CE Survey!

Updated: Jul 7

- K. McDevitt, CETT Member and K. Reinbold, CETT Chair, 05/29/2023

Concerned about climate change, air pollution, high energy costs? There are many ways for residents, business owners and institutions to address these issues and the West Vincent Clean Energy Transition Team (CETT) is here to help. As part of the West Vincent community, you can help move us toward a clean energy future by filling out our Clean Energy Survey.

Formed after West Vincent Township adopted the Clean Energy Resolution in February of 2020, CETT has been working with neighboring townships (East Pikeland, Schuylkill, and West Pikeland) and Practical Energy Solutions (PES), a local energy consulting firm, to develop plans to help reduce the use of fossil fuels and subsequent greenhouse gas emissions in our township. The work with PES, funded largely by a grant from Chester County, is almost complete and the CETT team is preparing to start outreach and education programs for the West Vincent community this summer.

The road to reduced fossil fuel use has three phases: reducing the amount energy consumed, choosing efficient electric products, and choosing to produce or purchase clean, renewable energy. PECO can help residents make their homes as efficient as possible with their residential energy assessment program. Changes in daily habits can also save energy. The West Vincent Elementary School recently launched an idle-free bus stop campaign that encourages people to turn off their cars while waiting at the school and at bus stops to save fuel and emissions particularly harmful to children. CETT plans to provide more information about reducing energy consumption at a display planned for this July at the Henrietta Hankin Library along with on-going programming.

The second step in reducing fossil fuel use is choosing electric products over those that burn gas or other fuels. Whether residents are intentionally replacing products to address climate concerns or find it necessary to replace failing or obsolescent equipment, CETT will provide information to help residents consider clean, fuel-efficient appliances, vehicles, heating and cooling systems, and lawn care tools.

The third aspect of energy transition is to produce or purchase clean energy. In our area, solar electricity production is most effective. CETT will provide resources to help the West Vincent community find solutions that work for their homes and businesses. Helping to unravel the funding options and various rebates and incentives available for solar installation and other solutions in efficiency and electrification is another goal for CETT community education.

CETT is developing a program that will encourage residents who have made changes to improve efficiency, electrify, or produce or purchase clean energy to share their experiences and knowledge with other community members. We urge you to fill out the Clean Energy Survey so that we can get a better idea of where the West Vincent community is now and what the potential can look like. Together we can work towards a cleaner and more sustainable future!

For more information or to volunteer for the team, please email or visit the CETT web page on our website.

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