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Energy Expo - EV Car Show - Battery Recycling - BYOReusable Water Bottle at Community Day

Our Energy Expo vendors and exhibitors will provide information and examples of energy efficiency, Energy Star appliances, rebates, home energy audits, geothermal and advanced HVAC systems, commercial/residential solar arrays, electric landscape equipment, electric cars, and chargers.

The EV Car Show will be in our Township Building Parking Lot joined by Soil Shepherds and Whitemarsh Revolutionary Cycles who will have e-lawn care machinery and e-bikes available for demonstrations!

Remember to bring your household batteries to the Sustainability Committee table under the main tent:

· AAA, AA, C, D, 9-volt, coin batteries

· Alkaline, NiCad, NiMH, lithium/lithium ion

· Small batteries from certain devices (e.g., cameras, dog collars)

You must tape all terminals of 9-volt batteries with clear tape.

We CANNOT accept 9-volt batteries not taped, power tool batteries, larger batteries or electronics.

Bring your own reusable water bottles! Water stations located around the campus:

  • at each end of the main tent,

  • by the races in the outfield, and

  • by the soccer field.

Recycling containers on site ONLY for plastic bottles, glass bottles, and metal cans!

Check the West Vincent Township Facebook page and the home page of our Township website for Community Day updates! We hope to see you there-- RAIN OR SHINE!

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