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EXTENDED to September 1 - Discounted PECO Energy Assessments Exclusively for WVT Residents!

Updated: May 9

- updated 05/09/2023

Discounted PECO Home Energy Assessments Offer Exclusively for WVT Residents - Has Been Extended!

A Home Energy Assessment is an effective and simple way to boost your year-round comfort and lower your energy costs by up to 20 percent. Energy assessments are offered through PECO at a cost of $49 and include LED bulb replacements, smart power strips and a detailed report of the findings, where applicable.

Take part of our township’s clean energy initiative, save money, and ensure your home is energy efficient by scheduling a PECO Energy Assessment today.

The limited time offer has been extended --West Vincent Township residents will receive an exclusive $10 discount on standard assessments when using promo code WVCEF. A $150 value for only $39!

For more information and to schedule your assessment, visit:, call 888-573-2672 or scan the code below before September 1, 2023. (This offer expires September 1, 2023). Please use promo code WVCEF (West Vincent Clean Energy Future) at check-out or when speaking to a representative in order to receive the discount.

An additional bonus!

Residents who call or use on-line scheduling before September 1, 2023* to make an assessment appointment using the promo code WVCEF will qualify to have the $39 reimbursed by the township! *Residents who have already taken advantage of this assessment in November/December 2022 remain approved for reimbursement.

To receive the reimbursement from West Vincent Township, please submit the following items to a copy of your receipt and energy assessment report and a comment by you, noting the type(s) of changes you are considering implementing based on your report findings.

The Township will reimburse you for the $39 and the Clean Energy Transition Team will be developing seminars and workshops based on our resident feedback. All submissions for reimbursement must be received by the township no later than September 30, 2023.


Testimonials from residents who have already taken advantage of this offer:

Steve Austin - "I received a lot of help and information from my PECO Home Energy Assessment. The representative walked through my entire home and gave me tips on how to weatherize properly. He identified windows that needed better sealing, some spaces in my attic that may cause drafts/loss of heat and energy and recommended some easy fixes I could do myself with inexpensive products available at Home Depot (such as gaskets for outlets on outside walls). The biggest benefit was PECO replacing the lightbulbs in my house with LED bulbs FOR FREE. I have three bathrooms with older style vanity lights, and they replaced 35 expensive incandescent bulbs with more energy efficient LEDs (with a much better color light as well) --an estimated $400 just in lightbulbs! They followed up with a comprehensive report and recommendations. It was easy to schedule, and well worth the time spent with the friendly representative."

John Barnett - " The inspection we received was very thorough. We are all LED to start with, though the inspector offered some LED bulbs. The most interesting thing the inspector identified was shown with his infrared tool. A seam of the top floor ceiling that appeared to not be insulated in the attic. This was an easy fix. We have roof photovoltaic panels on our house, and I received confirmation that all was well with that system. I recommend the inspection to anyone serious about saving power and reducing their expensive heating and cooling costs."

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