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Growing Water Wise: Introducing Green Infrastructure - held by West Pikeland's EAC -second of three

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Three separate talks where participants will learn about ways to manage stormwater, keep it clean, and improve the health of our area streams. September 22, October 5, and October 26. A different topic will be addressed at each webinar. Registration is required for each session, as the session dates approach.

Who is this for? Anyone interested in:

  1. Flooding and heavy storm events

  2. Green infrastructure

  3. Drinking and recreational water quality

  4. Anyone interested in local solutions for the above problems

What will you learn?

  1. Review of what green infrastructure is and how it works

  2. Attractive green stormwater features that can retain stormwater runoff

  3. Ways to reduce stormwater runoff

About the Series

West Pikeland Township's Environmental Advisory Council is proud to present this informative webinar series on stormwater. During the Water Wise Series, we aim to educate participants on how to improve the ways we handle stormwater, introduce green stormwater infrastructure concepts and types, give property owners ways to capture stormwater where it falls and improve the impact on streams in our area.Stormwater has become an ever-increasing issue for communities, home and property owners, and natural habitats. Streams have turned from tranquil places of beauty to torrents as downpours have intensified. Home and property owners have seen flooding in basements and property damage and loss. Communities have had to manage road and bridge closures as stormwater overwhelms infrastructure.

Registration and summary can be found on Penn State Extension website

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