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Little Free Library Installed at Fellowship Community Garden

Updated: May 11, 2022

Local Girl Scout Troop 4082 has been busy with a year-long project to acquire their Woodworking badge building a free library for our community. They worked with local woodworking artisan, Dan Rich ( to construct their little library container and stand.

In March, the troop gathered gardening books, put the last touches of paint on the door, and added a plaque.

Last week, with the help of Troop dad, Darby Davison, they dug the hole for the base, poured the cement, and on a rainy Friday, May 6, installed the Little Free Library outside the Fellowship Community Garden.

Gardeners have been gathering gardening books, new and old, to share with neighbors.

The Little Free Library is open to all residents and visitors.

In early spring, the girls scouts also assisted our EAC Pollinator PitStop Program! They helped to plant 500 Butterfly Milkweed seeds, which, when planted will sustain our butterflies and wild bees.

The seeds have sprouted and are ready for the EAC Community Day giveaway! Be sure to visit the West Vincent Environmental Advisory Council table for your free Butterfly Milkweed plant!

Thank you Girl Scout Troop 4082, troop leaders, and parents for your contributions to our community!

Visit the Environmental Advisory Council webpage for other environmental education and events.


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