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Notice - Sewer and Water Services

Updated: Nov 8

The following provides the sewer and water services for West Vincent Township.

Please note the change in sewer billing for the Courts of Chester Springs, effective Sep 1, 2022 (fourth quarter 2022).

Sewer Services:

Bucks County Water & Sewer Authority (BCWSA) is the owner of the sewer plants and provides sewer to most of the Township residents.


Water Services:

Aqua PA, customer service 877.987.2782 and PA American customer service 800-565-7292. Both providers have on-line and app features for increased accessibility.


The following subdivisions have sewer and water serviced by other providers/townships:

Subdivision/ Sewer/ Water Courts of Chester Springs / West Vincent Township* / Aqua PA Eagle Farms/Byers II / Upper Uwchlan Township/ Aqua PA Matthews Meadows / BCWSA / On-lot well Saint Stephens Greene / BCWSA / BCWSA Stonecroft / BCWSA / On-lot well Stone Rise Apartments / BCWSA / Aqua PA Weatherstone / BCWSA / Aqua PA Wetherill / On-lot septic / Wetherill HOA

Courts of Chester Springs Residents:

*The sewer plant serving the Courts at Chester Springs is operated by BCWSA. Through a development agreement, the Township was responsible for issuing and collecting payments of sewer fees through August 31, 2022.

*For questions regarding your sewer bills from Jan 1, 2022, through Aug 31, 2022, please contact our Township Treasurer at

*For questions regarding your sewer bills from September 1, 2022, going forward, please contact BCWSA at 1-800-222-2068.

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