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Oh, the Holidays! Decorate, Taste--Watch Your Waste!

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

- Patti Lynn, CCSWA Recycling Resources Manager

What time of year generates the most trash for landfills? That’s right, it’s the holiday season. On-line shopping and shipping, wrapping paper, leftover food, toys, and the latest technology replacing the old. You get the idea. Household waste increases about 25% this time of year!

Can you be more TrashSmart? Try these ideas (or even just one!):

  • Downsize – Smaller gathering, less decorations, careful gifting (such as experiences, time or for services) to create less waste

  • Reusable, durable plates and silverware, cups, napkins, tablecloths (ask about renting)

  • Shop (and wrap) with reusable bags

  • Plan for guests to bring a dish in their own containers they can take back home