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PECO Power Grid Limitations for Installing Solar Panels

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

The Township has been informed that some of our residents are unable to install solar panels due to PECO infrastructure limitations. We have asked PECO to comment on this issue and how best to ensure that residents can enjoy the benefits of solar power and electric vehicles.

PECO responded that there are areas of the power grid that cannot safely take the power back from a solar installation. The power flowing back into the grid can raise the voltage levels in the immediate area, causing unsafe conditions for customers near the solar installation.

Once the customer submits an application, PECO Engineering reviews it and then provides a cost for any work needed. In most instances, PECO can make power grid accommodations, with the cost for the changes being paid by the solar installation customer. Costs vary widely, between very minimal to very expensive.

PECO does have a extensive information on-line including a mapping system, identifying areas that may have solar installation issues. Before beginning any solar project, customers and their installers must contact PECO and review the information page below.

Link to PECO information page:

The WVT Clean Energy Transition Team (CETT) is actively gathering additional information on this issue and will share their findings. The WV CETT is available to work with residents on this and any other energy related issues.

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