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PennDOT Response to Repairing our Roads

The Township has been in constant contact with PennDOT regarding the condition of state highways located in the Township. PennDOT recently provided the Township with the following information:

"PennDOT has, and continues, to strive to improve state roads and bridges throughout the five-county Philadelphia region. In District 6, the department has let an average of $533 million a year in transportation improvement projects over the past five years (2017-21 ). There are currently 140 transportation improvement projects under construction in the region worth $2.3 billion dollars. PennDOT District 6 is working aggressively to resurface state roads throughout the Philadelphia region, evidenced by the 1,050 miles paved over the past five years, including nearly 225 miles in Chester County.

The determination of which state highways to resurface each year is a critical function. PennDOT District 6 reengineered the process to improve its 3,553 linear miles of state highway in District 6 by implementing a systematic approach to resurface state roads most in need of attention and aggressively apply preventative maintenance strategies. District 6 utilizes a methodology based on Overall Pavement Index (OPI) to generate its Five-Year Resurfacing Plans. OPI is an index that accounts for both roughness, as well as pavement distress. Each year, District 6 reevaluates the plans for each of its five counties based on the newest available OPI data. This plan is dynamic and subject to change.

In West Vincent Township, maintenance is scheduled as follows:

  • Conestoga Road (State Route 401 ): Resurfacing is planned between Pottstown Pike (State Route 100) and Phoenixville Pike in 2026.

  • Pughtown Road (State Route 1028): Resurfacing is planned between Pottstown Pike (State Route 100) and Kimberton Road in 2026

  • Birchrun Road / Flowing Springs Road (State Route 1030): Resurfacing is planned between Pottstown Pike (State Route 100) and St. Matthews Road in 2025.

  • St. Matthews Road (SR 1031): Resurfacing is not currently planned.

  • Hollow Road (State Route 1033): Resurfacing is planned between Flowing Springs Road (State Route 1030) and Pughtown Road (State Route 1028) in 2025.

The Penn DOT District 6 Maintenance staff will examine the condition of these roads this year as part of its annual re-evaluation and update of the Five-Year Resurfacing Plan in Chester County. Based on conditions and budgetary constraints, the department will make every effort to move these roads up in the resurfacing plan.

In the interim, PennDOT Chester County Maintenance has and will continue to perform maintenance activities to improve conditions on roads within West Vincent Township. Crews will perform the following maintenance activities: manual patching, mechanized patching (areas ~500 feet long), base repair, shoulder cutting and ditching to address drainage as well as some roadside activities (brushing, daylighting, etc.)."

Remember, if you see a tree down, local road flooding, or other road hazard on any road in the township, follow the guidelines and complete a Report a Road Concern on line!

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