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PUBLIC NOTICE - Zoning Hearing Board public hearing on February 23, 2023

Updated: Nov 8

PUBLIC NOTICE - On Thursday, February 23 , 2023, at 7:00 pm, the West Vincent Township Zoning Hearing Board will, after reorganizing, conduct a public hearing at the West Vincent Township Building to consider the following application: The Application of Anthony and Alissa Christoforou, owners 2552 Veronica Drive, Chester Springs, PA 19425, tax parcel 25-10-1.16 of variance from section 505(F)(6). which deals with Maximum Impervious Coverage related to Dimensional Standards for Tier III Subdivisions for the installation of an inground swimming pool.

Full opportunity will be given to any citizen and all parties interested in being heard at the above public hearing. JAMES S. TUPITZA, Esquire Solicitor for West Vincent Township Zoning Hearing Board Merc- Feb 8, 15-1a

Appeared in: Mercury on Wednesday, 02/08/2023

Appeared in: My Public Notices (

A flyer on Zoning Hearing Board procedures and a document, The Zoning Hearing Board Planning Series, both created by the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development for educational purposes can be located on the Zoning Hearing Board web page under the Educational Documents section.

The full notices in their entirety are located on the Zoning Hearing Board web page.

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