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Street Paving Schedule - May/June 2023

Updated: May 26

UDPATED DATES (as of 05/26/2023)

Due to unforeseen circumstances experienced by AMS the following start dates have been pushed out one day. Paving originally scheduled for:

  • Tue 05/30 is now scheduled for Wed 05/31

  • Wed 05/31 is now scheduled for Thu 06/01

  • Thu 06/01 is now scheduled for Fri 06/02

We appreciate your understanding and patience.

Check your mailboxes or doorknobs! AMS notices have been placed! Please help us make this a smooth process!

  • No on-street parking between 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. If your car is in the street, if will be towed. Streets (and parts of streets) that are being paved will have 'no parking' signs posted. Please follow posted traffic signs.

  • Please turn off your irrigation systems on the day of paving. Wet streets canNOT be paved.

  • Residents can drive on a milled street as soon as the contractor is done with their street. Residents will only be inconvenienced when the paver and roller are at their driveway (approx 10 minutes).

  • The "doorknob notification" (placed in your mailboxes the week of May 22) will have the most accurate PAVING date information. Please read the doorknob notification and follow posted traffic signs on date of paving.

Questions regarding your specific street should be directed to AMS, as noted on the doorknob notification (see pic).

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation!

West Vincent Township, Public Works - Mike Hogga and team!


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