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This year’s exciting new initiatives

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

The Board of Supervisors introduced a new three (3) year budget plan. While the Board can only adopt a working budget for the current year, the three (3) year projection plan is an appropriate financial tool to assess the long-term fiscal impact of decisions. The budget plan sets annual goals and objectives and the Board will report achievements on a quarterly basis.

The 2021 budget illustrates that the Township will remain in a strong financial condition through the next three (3) years while making these significant improvements to township roads and parks:

· Rebuilding of Kimberton Road, Hilltop Road, and Sheeder Road

· Improvements to Bryn Coed Park, Cooks Glen Park, and Schoolhouse Park

· Completion of Fellowship Trail

· Hiring of an additional police officer

· Acquisition of replacement equipment for Public Works Department

· Electric Vehicle charging station at the Municipal Building

· Reducing invasive species on township land

· Expanding land preservation program

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