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Township Roadway and Drainage Improvements

The Board of Supervisors, Township Engineer, and Public Works Department have been working on plans for significant improvements for the Township storm drainage facilities and roadway network.

The Board has approved contracts in excess of $1 million for the following improvements:

· Storm drainage improvements along Kimberton Road

· Repair of Kimberton Road, Sheeder Mill Road, Hilltop Road, and Shady Lane

· Repairs to Kimberton Road Bridge

· Paving all roads in the Weatherstone Development

The stormwater improvements along Kimberton Road include a three-foot grass shoulder safety area for walkers and runners.

The Public Works Department made significant drainage improvements on Shady Lane, Sheeder Mill Road, and Hilltop Road, as well as repaired storm sewer inlets in the Weatherstone Development.

The Board approved the funding for the Kimberton Road stormwater improvements from funding received by the federal American Rescue Plan Act of 2021.

The Township has also submitted a grant to Chester County for funding through the Low Volume Road Program to support the Kimberton Road paving.

The Board, Public Works Department, and Township Engineer are continuing to design roadway and stormwater improvements for 2023. These will include stormwater improvements along with a portion of Jaine Lane and St. Andrew’s Lane.

When Hurricane Ida ripped through the Township last year, it caused substantial damage to the Township’s road system. The Township Administration has been working with FEMA to identify the facilities damaged by the storm and determine the costs for repairs. To date, the Township had identified and repaired damage to several township roads:

Repairs to Buttonwood Lane Bridge $206,406

Repairs to Fellowship Road Bridge $118,000

Debris pick up and removal $ 12,953

Repairs to Art School Road culvert $ 42,573

Repairs to gravel roads $ 63,291

Repairs to Kimberton Road $ 7,621

Traffic management by Police Department $ 391

Total $451,235

The Township will be forwarding the required reimbursement request to FEMA by the end of May 2022.

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