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Trail Plan Implementation Committee and Other Committee Member Opportunities

Updated: Jul 21

- June 2023

In the May 2023 Board of Supervisors Meeting, the Board approved The Trail Plan Implementation Committee as an ad hoc committee expanding our resident engagement opportunities. The Trail Plan Implementation Committee will serve to advise the Board on the manner and locations to implement the Trail Plan. Recommendations may include extensions of existing trails, the construction of trails on land owned/leased by the Township, and the location of trail heads. The committee may also recommend purchasing or leasing land for trails, seeking legal, engineering, and planning assistance, and suggest coordination with funding and conversation entities for regional and circuit connections.

Ad hoc committees are committees established by a township resolution, created for a specific short-term project. In comparison, our advisory committees are established by a specific Township ordinance to fulfill a long-term goal and/or township function.

Advisory committees have specific purposes, duties, member terms, reporting requirements, and for a permanent term.

Both types of committees help support and advance our township goals to provide high quality service to all members of our community in a sustainable and inclusive manner.


We now have openings for members and volunteers in the Human Relations, Environmental Advisory Council, Sustainability Committee, Litter Lifters, Trail Implementation Plan and Clean Energy Transition Team.

Complete our Volunteer Form to join any of these committees. No experience required, just a willingness to provide a lending hand in our township.

You can still make a difference without being appointed to a committee! You are welcome to attend any of the public advisory committee meetings, participate in discussions, and help with projects. Join us!

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