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Vegetation in the Roadway and Street Maintenance

04/04/2023 - Public Works Department

West Vincent strives to maintain safe roads. Trees and shrubbery along the roadway must be maintained to allow safe passage and clear sight for pedestrians, school buses, bicyclists, emergency services, public and utility services, roadway maintenance, and our horses and their riders.

We always appreciate when our residents maintain their trees and shrubbery along the roadway. A minimum for safety, would be to maintain a clear area with no overgrown tress/shrubbery (or any other items), at least 4 feet off the edge of paving/gravel or curb back and keep trees to a height of 14 feet. Also, please do not allow your vegetation to block signage along the roadway.

In the coming weeks and months, several township roads will be repaired and overlaid with a new surface. It is essential that the roadway be cleared of all kinds of obstruction for the safety of our residents and of the workers. If your vegetation is growing in a hazardous way into the roadway, it will be removed by the workers servicing the area prior beginning the work.

We ask for your cooperation in removing any of those potential obstructions.

Roads to be overlaid this year include Carriage Lane, Houndstooth Lane, Houndstooth Circle, Lily Pond Lane, Laymens Way, Kimberbrea Drive, Brian Way, Malehorn Road, Fox Run Road, Forest Glen Drive, Red Fox Lane, Adelphia Lane, Hollow Road, and Flowing Springs Road.

Thank you for working with us in keeping everyone safe and allowing us to serve you!

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