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Weatherstone Trail - Woodland Care Nature Event Success

Updated: Apr 4

- D. Delany, EAC Chair

Thanks to everyone who helped out at our Woodland Care Nature Event on Sunday, March 26 along the Weatherstone Trail! We saved a lot of young trees!

At this time when so many of our older trees are dying, especially the ash trees, it is so important to care for our younger woodland trees. There are so many invasive plants interfering with their growth! Some of the trees we helped had been bent down to the ground under the weight of competing plants.

But not anymore! Dozens of young and old trees were set free by 20 volunteers who spent part of this beautiful afternoon gently unwinding honeysuckle and bittersweet and multiflora rose from around their trunks.

The volunteers received a quick training in how to remove the invasive plants without harming the natives, and they quicky set to work, spreading out all along the trail.

Spring peepers and birds provided background music. It was a tranquil scene. Everyone left with the feeling it had been time well spent.

This event was hosted by the West Vincent Environmental Advisory Council Nature Club

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