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West Vincent Township Recognized as a "Bird Town" by Bird Town Pennsylvania

Many of the native plants at the municipal campus provide food for and shelter to birds. There are also a few bird nest boxes placed around the campus to encourage cavity nesters such as bluebirds and tree swallows.

Bird Town Pennsylvania’s mission is to work in partnership with local municipalities and like-minded organizations promoting community-based conservation actions to create a healthier, more sustainable environment for birds, wildlife, and people. Their goal is to engage all property owners and managers who care about providing good habitat for ecological diversity and a sustainable future. Their vision is to build highways of sustenance and safety to counterbalance the tremendous loss of living space for birds, plants, and all native species.

West Vincent EAC and volunteers hope to educate, engage, empower and provide residents with:

  • Native plant information

  • Invasive plant identification and removal information

  • Bird friendly habitat resources

  • Landscaping tips

  • Bird population decline information

  • Bird window strikes actions

  • Backyard habitat recognition programs

  • Bird feeding tips

  • Pesticide alternatives

Originally, part of Audubon PA, Bird Town Pennsylvania has been revived under the guidance of many municipal Bird Town leaders in partnership with local Audubon societies (Valley Forge, Bucks County, Lehigh Valley, and Wyncote Audubon Society, as well as the Pennsylvania Audubon Council). West Vincent EAC is very excited that this program is active again, as it supports the EAC goal to promote planting native plants for pollinators and biodiversity.

Additional resources for attracting and caring for birds can be found on the WV EAC page.

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