Zoning Hearing Board

Keith Eldridge, Vice-Chair (12/31/2021)

Ken Frame, Chair (12/31/2022)

Ann Dyer (12/31/2024)

Marilyn Hemstreet (12/31/2023)

Larry Stone (12/31/2025)


Patti Rugh (12/31/2022)
T.J. Antich (12/31/2023)

Zoning Hearing Board Solicitor:

James Tupitza, Esq.

The Zoning Hearing Board is a quasi-judicial board that is appointed by the Board of Supervisors but conducts its deliberations independently of the Board of Supervisors.  


The Zoning Hearing Board’s role is to consider appeals from administrative interpretations made by the Zoning Officer of the Zoning Code.

The Zoning Officer acts as the liaison with the Zoning Hearing Board. 

The group meets on an as needed basis at 7:00 PM in a public session.

Archived Zoning Board agendas and minutes can be requested from the Township by completing a Right To Know Form and sending to office@westvincenttwp.org.  Your request will be fulfilled within five business days.​